Five Individuals Who Created Their Own Job

The majority of people you know—yourself included, perhaps—have most likely followed a career path that puts comfort and security over adventure. Not everyone, however, has taken this route. Some individuals have rejected traditional careers and have pursued their passions for profit. Here are five individuals—all previously profiled on Fusion’s The Morning Show—who created their own jobs.


Nora Lum, a native of Forest Hills, Queens, was working in publishing up until a year ago, when she got laid off. Instead of trying to find another job in the same field, she turned to music. Thanks to a strong Internet following—and thanks to songs like “Queef”—she’s been hailed as a promising up-and-comer.

Jayson Love

Unable to hold a steady job for very long—they bored him—Jayson Love, with the surprising blessing of his wife, decided that he was trying to make a living from his passion: video games. Since 2010, Love has hosted the show Man vs. Game, an online video stream where he tries to play every game worth playing. Not only is he doing it from the comfort of his basement in Billings, Montana but he’s doing it well enough. According to Love, who spoke to the hosts of Fusion’s The Morning Show, he makes upwards of $100,000 a year.

Kim “ viOLet” Dong Hwan

Alright, so Kim Dong Hwan didn’t invent his own job per se—he’s a professional Starcraft 2 player—but he is making a very comfortable living doing something he really loves. viOLet (his online moniker) is also paving the way for future eSport athletes who want to pursue their careers in the United States. Earlier this month, he became only the second professional gamer to be granted a P-1A visa by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, which will allow him to ply his trade in this country. As a result, viOLet has broken a significant barrier for the eSport community.

Zak the Baker

Going to pharmacy school is a good step to take if you want to make a comfortable living. But for Zak Stern, comfortable meant boring, and that’s the last thing he wanted his life to be. Instead of following the safe route, Stern—best known in Miami as Zak the Baker—quit school and began baking artisanal bread.

KC James

Some people use Vine, the social media video sharing platform, to make looped videos of their dogs (me). KC James makes silly videos… professionally. The Vine superstar not only entertains millions with his six-second videos, but he’s also able to pay bills with them.