Does Being Attractive in High School Matter?

If you’re in high school, ever went to high school, or have ever seen a high school movie, then you’re probably not at all surprised by the findings of a new report titled “In School, Good Looks Help and Good Looks Hurt (But Mostly Help).”

What is the takeaway?

Inequality based on looks begins in high school. This might help explain, in part, why high school is basically the worst.

The next finding is that superficiality doesn’t wear off as we age. Ut oh.

And finally the study claims that the differential between those high schoolers considered good looking and average manifests itself in grades… and economic ability later in life.

Wait. What?

The study suggests that the reason for the wage disparity could be that people rated the people they perceived as attractive as having more intelligence.

Here’s the full article if you want to be confused further.

But basically: Know that looksism exists. Try to be awesome in spite of it. Be kind to each other. I refuse to believe high school determines the rest of our lives.

Most of my favorite people hated high school… just saying.