Michael Bloomberg Doesn’t Think There’s Income Disparity in New York City-The Morning Feed

In his final speech, Mayor Bloomberg claims there is no wealth disparity in New York City. In other news, “stop and frisk” DIDN’T disproportionately affect minorities.

Here’s a fun end-of-year list for millenials: the best single-serving Tumblrs of 2013.

These artists named their songs after the biggest pop hits of the year because of Search Engine Optimization traffic. Listen to “Yeezus” and “Wrecking Ball.”

This list of the most underrated shows of 2013 is acceptable, if only because they kicked it off with the wonderful comedic gem Nathan For You.

Frank Darabont wants in on that zombie money.

Your Mac iSight camera can spy on you without your knowledge, and no, the green light doesn’t have to be on when it records.

Some random Redditor received a gift from Bill Gates as part of the site’s secret santa exchange.

The owner of the biggest Bitcoin wallet is the federal government.

Rob Ford dances to Bob Marley. That is all.