Beyonce Released Unannounced Visual Album, the Internet Freaks Out

It looks like nobody’s talking about Beyoncé being a fake vegan anymore. All it took to shut the haters up was for her to drop Beyoncé—her unannounced eponymous fifth album—exclusively on iTunes minutes before midnight on a Thursday night. As if that weren’t enough, she also released 17 music videos—one for every song plus a handful of other singles—to boot. Who does that? Who goes against the grain of the music industry and foregoes a multi-million dollar advertising campaign and releases material nearly 72 hours after “new release” day? Queen Bey, that’s who.

Making appearances on what’s being described as a “visual album” are JAY Z, Drake, Frank Ocean, Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, the two other members of Destiny’s Child, and Blue Ivy Carter, a.k.a. Princess of the Illuminati.

Unsurprisingly, the Internet lost its collective mind. We are, after all, talking about one of the biggest pop stars of our generation doing something that has never been done before David Bowie kinda, sorta did earlier this year on his 66th birthday. As of this writing, in the less than eight hours since the news broke, Beyoncé has been mentioned more 800,000 times on Twitter, according to social media analytics tool Topsy. In the last hour alone, she’s been responsible for more than 53,000 tweets. Here are some of the better ones.