Wine, More Sperm Should Not Go Hand In Hand

Lately, I feel like there’s a new study coming out on something trivial every other day.

Headlines like “People Appear More Attractive In A Group, Study Shows“, “Shocking Study Confirms Men Love Looking At Boobs“, or “If You Don’t Breathe You’ll Die” get shared and re-shared for days as if they’re changing the world as we know it.

Ok, so I made that last headline up, but you get the picture.

This week another “vital” study showed up letting us know that drinking lots of wine can make men have stronger sperm. Uh oh. I can already hear all the couples trying to have babies rejoicing and getting their men super drunk before doing the dirty. How romantic.

But this new bit of information can go the other way for women who are trying to NOT procreate.

So ladies, next time you’re out on the prowl at a bar, make sure the guy you’re planning on taking home isn’t drinking merlot. Oh, and you probably shouldn’t go wine tasting on a date either.