Following Racial Profiling Allegations Police Chief Resigns

The police chief of Miami Gardens resigned this week amid allegations of rampant racial profiling.

Chief Matthew Boyd was planning to resign in January, but instead left his post on December 11, according to reports.

The resignation came a day after the NAACP asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate what it said “may be the most pervasive, most invasive, and most unjustified pattern of police harassment in the nation.”

In November, Fusion interviewed a Miami Gardens convenience store owner who had gone public with security video of what he considered police harassment at his business.

In 2010, Quickstop store owner Alex Saleh agreed to cooperate with Miami Gardens police in what they called their “Zero Tolerance Policy” crime-prevention program. But he said the program led to his customers and employees being constantly stopped, frisked and arrested.

“This is bullies with badges,” Quickstop store owner Alex Saleh told Fusion.

Saleh eventually installed security cameras — not catch shoplifters or other criminals — but to monitor the police.

The Miami Herald published a story in November about his attempt to reign in the police, and found that one of Saleh’s employee had been stopped and questions 258 times by the Miami Gardens police in four years. And almost every citation came at his place of work, the Quickstop.