Holiday Gift Deals: Timing Is Everything

The holidays are expensive. We all know that.

As we get older shopping for gifts becomes more difficult. You don’t want to be that person who just hands out iTunes gift cards anymore. I got gifted one of those last month and I lost it within minutes.

We struggle to find unique gifts that mean something so our friends and family appreciate that we listen to them and know what they like… or so that they think we’re super intuitive and hip, and hopefully gift us back something better than whatever they gave us last year.

So that’s where this list comes in to play. Because besides finding interesting gifts, we also need to afford them.

Alicia Menendez sat down with Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan, the two female founders of a FREE discount shopping app called Hukkster, to talk about holiday deals, and how to spot them before anyone else.

1. Timing is Everything:

Erica says the best deals don’t just happen on Black Friday anymore.

“We saw great deals hit as early as the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.”

But the catch is the sales improve as the holidays get closer. So you’re gambling on whether or not the item you want will still be there, in the size or color you need, when December 24th rolls around.

“You will absolutely risk that product selling out. But the longer you’re willing to wait, the deeper those prices will get. In fact, we’ve deemed January ‘Treat Yourself Month’ as that is when we saw some of the deepest 50%-60% off discounts across the leftover inventory.”

So maybe you should move your Christmas to January 25th this season…

2. Arm Yourself with Money Saving Tools… like Hukkster:

There are so many amazing websites and apps out there for shopping today. And with the internet’s obsession with listicles (ignore this one) there are endless lists of “10 Great Gifts For Under $20” or “15 Appropriate Gifts To Give Your Boss” or “45 Gifts To Get Your Mistress So Your Wife Doesn’t Find Out“. You name it, the internet has a list of affordable gifts to share with you.

This is where an app like Hukkster comes in handy. The app is a free shopping tool that will alert you when your favorite products go on sale. I’m serious. The difference between this app and the many other discount shopping sites is Hukkster lets you know when a specific product, in the color and size you want, goes on sale. So you don’t have to waste your mornings going through all your go-to discount sites trying to find something you actually want.

Erica says, “All you need to do is tag the products you’re interested in online or in stores. Hukkster will store those products in a virtual wish list. Then the moment there’s an opportunity to buy at a discount or if there’s a coupon code that applies, Hukkster will notify you via email or push notification.”

Maybe you won’t be able to get that solid gold fondue maker next week. But when you get it for half the price a couple months from now your wallet will thank you, and then slap you for buying a gold fondue maker.

3. Specialty Gifts Don’t Have to Break the Bank

“Gone are the days of paying top dollar for rare vintage finds.”

Erica suggests websites like Sweet and Spark that offers beautiful vintage jewelry. The pieces are original so they make great gifts, and yes there’s a section that’s under $50.

Etsy is another one on Erica’s (and my) list. If you don’t know what Etsy is then stop reading this immediately and click that freaking link.

“Since these are all offered by local merchants, sometimes you can even negotiate on pricing, especially if you’re buying more than one item.” Good to know.

Now go make a list, check it twice, and then set a plan. Don’t wait until the last day, unless you want those extra last minute discounts Erica mentioned… but then you might not find what you want… and then it’s too late… and you’ve let everyone down… omg… we’re all doomed. Who’s down for a DIY-only gift giving this year?