Lance Bass On Coming Out: ‘I Definitely Thought They Would Hate Me’

In the 1990s and early aughts, Lance Bass was a member of N’Sync, one of the most successful boy bands to ever be assembled. The band sold more than 50 million albums throughout their career.

With such massive success came the super obsessed fans, many of these girls in their teens. Just how consumed where these teenagers by their passion for N’Sync? They would do just about anything to meet them. Bass sat down with the hosts of Fusion’s The Morning Show to talk about crazed teen supporters, his fans reaction to him coming out of the closet, and the absurd things he saw while part of the band.

On him announcing he was gay and his fans’ reaction to the news.

“I definitely thought they were just going to hate me [for] revealing that side of me, but it [had] the opposite effect. Once I came out I got so much support. They just absolutely love it, I think because now they know that no other girl could get me.”

On teen fans trying to get close to him.

“I’ve been in hotel rooms and I’m getting room service and all of a sudden there’s a girl underneath the service tray in your hotel room and they start bawling and you don’t know what to do. You just open the door and then let them out.”

“They really will do anything to get close to you or get a piece of you.”

On why they do it.

“You have to understand that [at this] age fans, they’re very emotional. The emotions you feel are so intense. This is the first time they’ve felt love— through boy band guys. I think this is such a positive thing for kids to be able to experience at such a young age.”

On the crazy things he witnessed.

“There was this mother, she was standing on her seat and you could tell she had her two sons with her, and every time we would look at her, she would show her [breasts]… You knew [she] was a mother because the little kid would look and be like “Mom, stop!”