The ‘Bro Cave’ on: Being Gay

During Monday’s ‘bro cave,’ Alicia and the ‘bros’ tackled the topic: Is homosexuality a choice or is it biology?

The conversation stemmed from a recent opinion piece for the New York Times by economist, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. His analysis shows that anti-gay sentiment is strongest in states where same-sex marriage is not legal. And, the states that are least tolerant of gays are southern states (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, etc.).

Bro Cave panelist and Fusion IT support, Alex Cortada, asked panelist and Fusion producer, Mitchell Williams, if being gay is a choice.

“I knew I was different at five,” Williams said. “At 11 I knew I was gay. And, at 18, I was willing to tell people about it.”

He went on to explain the difficulty of growing up in a small, southern town as a young, gay boy.

But, not all gay people dislike Southern or small town living.

Christian Hendricks, a documentary photographer and filmmaker, spent seven weeks on the road traveling to rural areas and small towns in order to better understand queer culture in the American South. He published a book of photos about the trip.

Stephens-Davidowitz’s analysis reinforces what many would assume (that states in the Bible Belt are less tolerant of same-sex marriage and, thus, gay men in general). Thus, gay men are also less likely to be “out” in the online public sphere. Nevertheless, privately, the percent of all Google porn searches seeking male images remains consistent across all states (around five percent).