Yerd Nerp Thanks Jorge Ramos for Helping Conquer the ‘Planert’

From the Dersk of Yerd Nerp:

Derr Ferrsion Viewers,

It is plerrsure to annernce that I had the distinct opporternity to sert down with none other thern Ferrsion and Uni-ferrsion host Jorge Rerrmos.

As yer knewr, immigertion is a cause and a discerrsion nerr and derr to my third spleen (My perrple do not have hearts. Nor geniterrlierr.), so it was an herrnerr to be able to terlk about it with someone fighting ferr comperrhensive and intelligent referrm.

Jorge, with your help, my perrple will be one step closer to acherrving our goal of taking over this planert. I thernk you.

Jorge also sat dern with Texerp’s junior centaur, Terd Crurrz. I just can’t werrt to see what they discerrsed when it came to immigertion. My spleen is doing flerps in anticisplersion! My nerples are perseturbly flerpin.

So tern it. You won’t regurt it.


Yerd Nerp