Poll: Young People Are Sick of Politicians — Including Obama

If young people ruled the U.S., you could say goodbye to President Obama and all of Congress.

A new poll from the Harvard University Institute of Politics found that Americans ages 18 to 24 would recall and replace the entire legislative branch of the federal government and the commander-in-chief.

Credit: Harvard University Institute of Politics

The dissatisfaction with Congress isn’t really unique to young people.

A Pew Research Center poll in October found that only 23 percent of Americans had a favorable view of federal legislators. So just about everyone is sick of them.

But the idea that more than half of young people would throw Obama out of office is a blow to the perception that he’s popular with the kids.

In past polls, young people viewed Obama more favorably than the rest of the population. But now they’re just as pessimistic as everyone else.

Credit: Harvard University Institute of Politics

Some of that is likely due to the issues that have come to define the president in the eyes of young people: Obamacare, student loans and NSA spying. The Harvard report has some nice charts that show you how Millenials feel about all of that.

The takeaway: There’s an easy fix to the popularity problems with young people. Make Obamacare free, forgive all student loans and give a pardon and transparency award to Edward Snowden. Vote for me in 2016.