Bill Clinton: Too Soon to Talk About Hillary in 2016

It’s the question on everyone’s mind these days when they sit down with Bill Clinton:

“So is she running?” Or do you know if she’s running?”

That’s what Fusion’s Jorge Ramos asked the former president on Tuesday, referencing the possibility of Hillary Clinton and the race for the White House in 2016.

“No. I don’t.” Clinton answered.

“You don’t know?” Ramos asked.


Clinton explained where his wife stands at the moment:

“She’s trying to finish her book. She’s gotten her – several projects up and going with our foundation,” he said. “And she believes and I believe that the four-year campaign mania is a big mistake.”

Hillary Clinton is considered a strong candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, even though the election is three years away. A pro-Hillary super PAC is already raising money for a possible presidential run, drawing the support of billionaire businessman and philanthropist George Soros.

Still, Clinton said that the country faces too many challenges to spend its time concerned with political campaigns that never end.

“We need to focus, the American people have economic and other challenges,” he said. “And our region and world have challenges. We should be focused on those things. And that’s what Hillary thinks, too.”

In the interview, Ramos also asked if Clinton could have done a better job with immigration policy than President Obama.

“It’s just not fruitful,” Clinton said. “It’s not fruitful to go back over that ground.”

Clinton made the point that had the public elected a different Congress, the fate of immigration reform might have been different. Top Republicans in the House of Representatives have said their party won’t vote on a large-scale immigration bill.

The former president doesn’t think a bill has a chance this year, but could happen in 2014.

“We’re going to have to do it, because it’s the only way to keep our country growing,” he said. “And the sooner we do it, the better.”