DNA Debates Cheney’s Former Counterterrorism Advisor on NSA Surveillance

Team DNA is taking a leap of faith here. We’ll assume that you have been following the widespread NSA hacking scandals that have been consuming the news cycle for the last few months.

DNA host Derrick Ashong recently had the pleasure of taking up the issue in a one-on-one debate with Vice President Cheney’s former counterterrorism special advisor, Michael G. Waltz.

Waltz said he is pro-surveillance.

“The programs themselves have served to keep the United States safe for the last 12 years,” he said. “There’s a reason that the United States hasn’t been attacked in another 9/11 attack.”

But Ashong fired back. “Can’t the government of China say that, ‘The ways that we mitigate and restrict people’s freedoms are all a way of keeping us safe?’” he said.

And what followed was video interview gold. Check out the full interview above for the whole lowdown.