How the Youngins Reported on JFK’s 50th

Pretty much every “legacy” media outlet told the same story about the anniversary of the JFK assassination.

But if you visited some of the places the kids like to hang out, you saw a much different take on the president’s death.

See AMERICA’s take above, and some other ones below:

Fusion’s “Good Morning Today” told the story of an alternate end to JFK’s life.

Ever curious about all the women Kennedy slept with? Or might have? Gawker was.

Here’s how VICE opened its piece about Kennedy and The Misfits: “Fifty years ago today, the most sentimental cottage industry known to mankind was born. John F. Kennedy, America’s own bad-back-having, Chicago vote-stealing, unable-to-get-a-Civil-Rights-act-passing Princess Diana was laid low by an assassin’s bullet.”

“President Shot 129 Times from 43 Different Angles” made the front page of The Onion, with the CIA, mafia, LBJ, Castro, the Teamsters and Freemasons to blame for his death. Actually it’s from 2005, but whatever.

From the Daily (yawn) Dot: “How the Web keeps Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories alive.”

Buzzfeed gave us a then-and-now of landmarks associated with the assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald’s house now appears to have a Ford Taurus parked out front.

Huffington Post asked what the world would have looked like if JFK lived. Reality show?

And The Fluffington Post just had a picture of this guy.