Answering the ‘Brosurance’ and ‘Hosurance’ Critics

Pretty much anything Obamacare sucks at this point, with the negative branding around the insurance plan hitting new lows each day.

But are the ads really so bad? Sure they’re stupid and reinforce stereotypes but we have to sell the kids on this health insurance somehow, people!

Let’s answer some of the critics:

How do you say “offensive” in Cuban?

So many people in this country just want us to pass out women for free. You need to earn your binders (and by the way, the “brosurance” ads were not taxpayer funded).

Yeah, this Fauxsurance can go Blowsurance itself.

You can’t see the Founding Fathers playing Edward Fortyhands?

Yeah, they left out the weed.

Let’s drop the “pay me” part.

But can you say the same for Buzzfeed staff and living in Brooklyn??

This post is satire!