A Snapshot of the DHS Jeh Johnson Could Inherit

If he can weather the Senate confirmation process, as expected, Jeh Johnson will become the fourth secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security since the agency’s inception in 2002.

He would take over a massive government body handling critical responsibilities, covering everything from airport security to deportations. Johnson should be well-accustomed to government bureaucracy — he served as the general counsel of the Department of Defense during President Obama’s first term.

Here’s a snapshot of the DHS he’ll inherit:

The agency is made up of 22 different departments. Here’s how they’re organized (click here for a more readable size):

Source: DHS

And it comes with a $60 billion budget.

Source: DHS

More than 240,000 people work for the department. That makes it the third-largest in federal government, behind the Department of Defense (more than 450,000) and the Department of Veteran Affairs (300,000).

But DHS scores among the lowest in the federal government in employee satisfaction.

Source: Governmentwide Management Report

And it doesn’t get much better marks for “leadership and knowledge management.”

Source: Governmentwide Management Report

There’s a bright side for vets, if they want to work there: the agency is among the biggest employers of veterans in the federal government.

Source: Governmentwide Management Report


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