Cover Your Webcam Now – Trust Us

With all the talk about surveillance this week — particularly on DNA — let’s discuss a story that brings the issue closer to home, literally.

Jared James Abrahams, a 19-year-old computer science student in Southern California, pled guilty on Tuesday to hacking into the personal computers of several young women, including current Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf. Unknown to them, he used their own webcams to secretly take nude photos and then threatened to post those photos online if the women didn’t send him more. Actually, in the case of Cassidy Wolf, with whom Abrahams went to high school, he went ahead and posted naked photos of her after she didn’t respond to his demands.

It’s easy for us to forget the capacity to which someone can invade our privacy nowdays if we aren’t being super vigilant. So make sure to cover up your webcam and continue keeping all your data on lock. As for Cassidy Wolf, she has admirably vowed to use her platform to highlight cyber-crime.

On another note, I want to address a blog from the website Mamiverse that asks if Spanglish is killing true bilingualism. The article gives examples of some Spanglish words that have become part of the vernacular: “troca” for truck instead of “camion,” and “marqueta” for market instead of “mercado.”

While I understand the use of Spanglish, especially at a time when biculturalism is at an all-time high, I agree that it’s important to not lose grasp of the Spanish language, or any other native tongue we may mix with English.

That’s not only because true bilingualism is proven to be good for the brain, but because it also serves as a source of cultural pride.

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