Would You Pay a Toll To Access the Internet?

Remember when people used to call the Internet the “information superhighway?” But as ’90s-sounding as it is, the metaphor still works. And just like every car flying along the interstate, we all get equal access to all the sites across the web, just like we do on public roads.

But these happy days of the internet might be coming to an end, thanks to a lawsuit that Verizon has filed against the FCC. The U.S. appeals court in Washington, D.C. is considering striking down rules that the FCC implemented in 2010 that guaranteed so-called “net neutrality.”

Striking these rules down would basically allow Internet service providers to set up tolls along this information superhighway. That means you either pay, or stay stuck in the slow lanes. And it would also allow service providers to charge large companies for faster access.

Net neutrality would go down the drain. And that is a big deal, though you might not know it.

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