WATCH: Exposing Homewreckers and Looking for Cash in Business Class

A few weeks ago, the female blogosphere understandably erupted over the website She’s a Homewrecker. The concept? Pretty self-explanatory – it’s a forum where angry victims of cheaters can post photos and information about the alleged “homewrecker” in question.

The backlash against the site was mostly because of its focus on shaming the “other woman” and basically letting the man who was in the relationship to begin with, off the hook. Perhaps in an effort to address this criticism, the site’s founder, who goes by Ariella Alexander, has started a separate site: He’s a Homewrecker.

I get what she’s doing here, but why waste precious time writing internet posts about exes or their other women? The best revenge is living well, and not in the past.

Or, how about investing in the future?

Turkish airlines will soon pilot a new initiative that takes advantage of its captive audience to support local entrepreneurs. Through a program dubbed invest on board, business class passengers will be shown video pitches of promising start-ups while in flight.

The videos will run under two minutes each and will mostly feature start-ups from turkey, but submissions from foreign companies will be considered as well. They say that a good start-up pitch in front of an attentive audience is fundamental to the success of a start-up. I can’t think of a better way for potential investors to pass the time for a good cause.

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