Is the Philippines the Next Haiti?

We’ve seen the awful aftermath of Haiyan, the supertyphoon that devastated parts of the Philippines.

But disaster response organizations should already be looking at what could come next.

The poor infrastructure, public health risks and lack of organized resource allocation put the Philippines at risk of becoming the next Haiti.

Haiti, America’s unfortunate neighbor to the south, still has not recovered from the catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit the nation in 2010. Musical groups and actors still fly to the earthquake-ravaged island for photo opportunities and goodwill trips, and the country remains in shambles.

Natural disasters occur world-over but it’s always the poorest countries that are forced to deal with the lingering effects of the disasters. Essential services are often compromised for years on end, and there’s a reluctance on behalf of the developing world to reinvest in development of infrastructure.

Rather than dealing with natural disasters after the fact, bodies like the United Nations and the World Health Organization should be focusing on preparing countries for the next natural disaster.

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