WATCH: Even Gun Magazine Editors Get Silenced By Their “Supporters”

Last week a respected outdoor sports editor ended his association with well-known magazine Guns & Ammo. The move came after he dared to write in favor of one forbidden topic: firearms regulation.

In an essay titled, “Let’s Talk Limits,” Dick Metcalf made the argument that regulation is not infringement on gun ownership rights. He went on to say that, in fact, all constitutional rights are regulated.

Metcalf wrote that he believes all citizens have the right to bear arms, as long as they have proper training enforced by regulatory laws. Faithful readers of the magazine didn’t like this.
At all.

They went nuts on Facebook posting comments like:

“I’ve canceled my subscription and I’m never coming back, and I have been a reader since 1964.”

It is unconscionable for a gun magazine to publish this kind of dribble that Metcalf spread!”

Soon after, the magazine’s editor, Jim Bequette, apologized on the magazine’s website and announced that neither he nor Metcalf will still be working at Guns & Ammo. However, it wasn’t quite a move of solidarity with Metcalf, though. In the apology, Bequette claimed he made a mistake in publishing Metcalf’s column and asked for forgiveness.

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