The Morning Feed, 11/12: Anal Probes, Annoying Dates, and Animal Immortals

What are we reading this morning? Take a look for yourself. Here’s a link dump to go with that cup o’ joe:

  1. This story—and the anal probes—just won’t end. Now, it’s a woman who’s been forced to submit herself to a colonoscopy in search of drugs that weren’t there.
  2. What the hell?! Man buried alive, is found by cemetery visitor.
  3. Most manic pixie dream date ever: Two people who meet on OKCupid go on a 21-day, 8-country date. Anyone surprised that these people are white? I can’t wait for the Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Zooey Deschanel film adaptation of this. Oh wait, yes I can. I hate these people with a fiery passion.
  4. This California woman has made some impressive animal sculptures using pipe cleaners.
  5. British Kellogg’s tweets that it will feed breakfast to “a vulnerable child,” but only if you RT. Then deletes tweet. Then apologizes. No word on whether they fed any hungry kids.
  6. Bold unpopular statement of the day: The Princess Bride is an overrated film that benefits from the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia. Which means it’s time to make The Princess Bride a stage play.
  7. The psychology of cosplay.
  8. Blessed be the gods: Google Chrome now tells you which of your million open tabs is playing that annoying video/audio.
  9. Scientists invent a compound that gives you the feeling of being drunk without actually having an ounce of alcohol. No word yet if the compound also gives you a false sense of bravado.
  10. In Kansas City, being an atheist makes you unfit to help your fellow man.
  11. The oldest animal on the planet is 507 years old.