The Morning Feed, 11/11: Vets, Debts, and Jets

What are we reading this morning? Take a look for yourself. Here’s a link dump to go with that cup o’ joe:

  1. Just #lol: White Republican in Houston wins unwinnable election by convincing constituents that he’s black.
  2. Hundreds attend funeral of family-less veteran thanks in large part to an online petition.
  3. Man dies after consuming what he thought was a health drink. It turned out to be $58,000 worth of crystal meth.
  4. China might be as bad for your health as cigarettes.
  5. Birds are a legitimate threat to airplanes.
  6. World’s first 3-D metal-printed gun fires 50 rounds.
  7. Vet purchases Purple Heart at flea market and is working on returning it to the family of its rightful owner.
  8. Who knew Oklahoma was a hotbed for seismic activity?
  9. Good Guy Greg: Finds $98,000 inside a used desk he purchased, returns money to its owner.
  10. Paint company sued and accused of racism for calling beige paint “skin color.”
  11. If you’re going to win the lottery, make sure you don’t have a live-in girlfriend who’ll want half your money. Or marry her. Whichever.
  12. Los Angeles School District temporarily halts program giving iPads to students because they keep hacking the devices in order to use Facebook and Twitter. That actually sounds like the program is working.
  13. There is a person actually named Batman Bin Suparman. He lives in Singapore and has just been arrested for theft and drug charges. My kind of superhero.