WATCH: Aimee Garcia on Life after ‘Dexter’

Aimee Garcia, known for playing Jaime Batista on Dexter, talked to DNA about how she avoids typecasting.

Because she is of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent, it would be easy for her to be cast asn stereotypical Latina roles. But Garcia said she looks for characters with much more substance.

“I think that it is really important to just represent people,” said Aimee. “And people are multifaceted, so I like that.”

Jaime’s complex character was what caught her attention.

“She was a Miami girl,” she said. “She was always wearing a bikini and always walking around half-naked but she also was very smart, studious, academic and loyal and I liked that.”

Next on her plate, Garcia stars in the remake of RoboCop in a role that wasn’t exactly meant for her.

“The role was written Asian and I thought, ‘Why can’t a Latina play an MIT graduate who is a scientist?’” she said, adding that she convinced them in her audition that a Latina could fit the part perfectly.

“I’m really proud because I hope that when kids go see the movie they’ll say like, ‘Oh my God, If she can be a scientist so can I’. I think we need more Latina and Latino NASA engineers.”

RoboCop is expected to premiere February 2014.


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