WATCH: The God of Trance Sets the EDM Record Straight

We caught up with dance legend Armin van Buuren at the electronic music festival TomorrowWorld, which took place this past September outside of Atlanta, Georgia. He opened up to DNA about the biggest misconceptions around electronic music, why he hates the term “EDM” and his undying love for Trance music.

While the mainstream media pinpoints drug abuse as the pulse of the music, van Buuren strongly feels otherwise. “The biggest misconception around EDM is the whole drug misuse,” says Armin. “You don’t need drugs to have a good time.”

And for those thinking EDM will be gone soon, don’t take off those dancing shoes just yet. “The fact is that it’s no longer just a phenomenon or hype,” van Buuren said. “It’s a cultural thing. It moves a generation of people.”

Cheers to that, Armin! Watch our full story above, and tweet us what you think using the hashtag #DNAtv.


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