WATCH: Whips, Hooks, Lacerations — From a Kid’s Toy?

Whips, lacerations, and hooks are common in a certain subculture. But it’s not what you think.

These are tricks in the competitive yo-yo community — but don’t laugh. To its practitioners, the yo-yo is about much more than a hobby or a game. It’s a sport filled with human drama.

This past weekend Fusion aired World on a String, a documentary that follows four elite players on their journey through the World Yo-Yo Contest.

As detailed in the documentary, some yo-yo competitors are so dedicated to the sport, they even find it worth dropping out of high school. Miguel Correa, one of the featured players, admits that most people don’t understand the subculture and call yo-yos childish.

We spoke to him on the Nov. 1 episode of DNA. “If having fun is childish, then I’ll be a kid forever,” he said.


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