WATCH: Alejandra Goes In on “Grad School Barbie” and Dating For Dinner

In the October 30 episode of DNA, I had to comment on two stories going viral on the web.

The first one I had to address is a satirical post about “Grad School Barbie.” It features Barbie’s face, but Photoshopped to look super worn-down with gray hair, circles under her eyes, and lines across her face.

The post describes two types of this Barbie: “Delusional Master’s Barbie” and “Masochistic PhD Barbie.” I have a masters degree myself so I find this pretty ridiculous.

People already try to scare women off from pursuing higher education and ambitious careers by saying that we’re going to miss out on having a family. Now they’re telling us its gonna make us unattractive, too?

Obviously grad school is tough and there are a lot of long nights spent studying. But one of the best parts about it for me was meeting all the well-rounded, kick-ass women who were there handling it all.

If anything, investing in ourselves and expanding our options for our future will ensure that “Barbie” is one of the last things we are ever associated with.

This leads me to another popular Tumblr blog that isn’t painting women in the best light. It’s called Restaurant Tips from a Serial Dater, and it’s written by a young woman who admits that she goes on dates for the sole purpose of scoring free meals. In it she writes, “Exploiting men for meals is tough. I have to put up with a lot of bad conversation.”

Now, if the guys she goes out with think they are actually on a real date and she’s just leading them on for food, that’s pretty messed up. At the same time, I live in Miami and you can’t walk into a nice restaurant without seeing men parade women around as arm candy.

While I certainly don’t condone men and women using each other, maybe this is just a female form of caloric retribution?