WTFlorida?!: Weed Beards and Ashes at Malls

Fusion Correspondent Fidel Martinez is obsessed with all the crazy stories that seem to originate in Florida. This fascination with the Sunshine State’s craziness gave birth to the recurring segment called “WTFlorida?”

  • Our first stop in today’s journey across Florida takes us to Orange County. That’s where “Johnny Lee Fisher was arrested earlier this month after leading State Troopers on a highway speed chase while allegedly intoxicated. That ended in authorities using a pit maneuver to apprehend him. While in custody, Fisher disclosed that he did not smoke marijuana, a statement negated by the fact that cops found nuggets of weed in his beard. Here’s a tip: If you’re going to drink, don’t drive, and if you’re going to drink and drive, make sure you don’t have any illicit substances literally on your persons
  • Sarasota police were called to Westfield Southgate Mall after 65-year-old Thomas Morin was discovered spreading a white substance at a LensCrafters. Initially thought to be a biohazard powder, it turned out to be ashes, specifically the ashes of his fiancée Karen Wren Domschke. According to reports, Morin was fulfilling the final wishes of his deceased bride-to-be, who asked him to spread her remains at various locations where she had experienced joy. Why LensCrafters? Domschke was once an optician at the store.