Introducing: Wisdom Series

Looking for career advice? Maybe Barbara Walters can help. Does your daily routine feel a bit repetitive? Itzhak Perlman has some ideas about what to do about that. Sex tips? Don Francisco has a few. Need some fashion do’s and don’ts? Iris Apfel had this to say: “If God has blessed you with an ample butt, that’s a good thing. But don’t wear skinny jeans, ‘cos it’s not pretty.” And she’s 92 years old.

Introducing Wisdom, a series that showcases the best advice and life lessons from some people who have lived quite a bit.

From Buzz Aldrin to Larry Flynt, people who have had a profound impact on the world sat down with us and spoke candidly about their lives, their successes and failures, and the most important lessons they’ve learned over the years. Their advice was sometimes funny, sometimes deep, often unexpected—and always interesting.

We start Wisdom with Mr. Astronaut himself, Buzz Aldrin.

Watch: Wisdom with Buzz Aldrin

Check it out! It might just make you a little wiser.

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