‘Good Evening, I’m Jorge Ramos and This Is Fusion’

Good evening, I’m Jorge Ramos and this is Fusion.

This is new. We are a brand new show, on a brand new network, in what often feels like a brand new world. We are perfectly aware that you can get your news from many different sources, so we want to be a platform that truly connects with a new, highly diverse generation of Americans. We’ll cover what we think is the most important news of the day. We want to challenge the people making the news. We want to follow what’s popular in social media. But also, as journalists, we want to report on issues that we care about deeply, too.

It is no secret that I’ve been talking about the need for immigration reform for years. After all, I’m an immigrant, so we’ll cover that, for sure.

But also, how can we not talk about gun control? Or about the lack of equality in our nation? Or ask ourselves why the government is spying on us and on foreign leaders…

Now, a quick note about the name of the show, AMERICA.

Well, as many of you know, America has two completely different meanings. Here America is our home, our country. But América, with an accent, really encompasses the entire hemisphere, from Canada to Chile, from Los Angeles to Rio. We want to be a bridge between those two Americas. In other words, our show will be news with an accent. And, of course, that will include my own.

So here we go. This is AMERICA.