FREE DOWNLOAD: “Do Right” by Soulfege, the Theme Song For ‘DNA’

I’ve spent the last few years in broadcasting, hosting my own shows on Oprah Radio on Sirius XM, on Al-Jazeera English, and now, of course, on Fusion. But for years I’ve also been a musician, touring the world with my band, Soulfege.

I started this band almost 10 years ago with one of my best friends, Jonathan Gramling. The group fuses elements of hip-hop, reggae, funk, and West African high life. High life is popular across west Africa, but Ghana, my home country, pretty much pioneered it. It takes old traditional brass band jazz and mixes it with Ghanaian sounds to create this new amazing, beautiful genre.

We also all grew up listening to rock and roll. So I’d like to offer you a free download to DNA’s theme song, “Do Right,” which is a hybrid rock/funk tune.

It’s actually a very political song, but told all in metaphor, until the hook. That’s when we warn, “You’d better do right, or we’re gonna get you.”

I’ve always been struck by injustice in the world. I only voted for the first time in 2000, in the U.S. presidential election, after I had become a citizen.

Being a Ghanaian, I couldn’t vote when I was younger. We had a military dictatorship for most of my life. That’s part of the reason why I didn’t grow up at home, and moved to a different country every four years – because they were killing people.

So “Do Right” talks in part about that first election in which I voted, with direct references to the vote-counting debacle in Florida that year. The rest of the song also goes into some references to Fela Kuti, in the line, “Honey, I’ve carried a coffin for just a little too long.” Fela had a song about how, when they killed his mother, he carried the coffin to the doorstep of the local police.

When I hear or play “Do Right,” I think of all the people who gave their life — not only in my country, but in so many others — fighting for their freedom and a voice. And they’re still waiting for it.

DNA, for me, is an opportunity to speak truth to power. I don’t think many of us have a voice and the opportunity to challenge the status quo, and have our concerns and issues heard in the public discourse. The media doesn’t tend to reflect the nature of society as a whole.

To me, this show is a way to bring a new voice, a new generation, a new way of thinking and seeing into that conversation. It’s to really challenge the status quo and the powers that be.

We’re not waiting for someone else to come and be the saviors of our world. That’s what the song, “Do Right,” is about, and that’s what the show, DNA, is about too.

Download the song through the Soundcloud link above, and check out the lyrics below.

Lyrics for “Do Right” by Derrick N. Ashong and Soulfege:

The governor told me

That it be better to wait

Then gave his brother a crown key

To put it on me

Somethin’s got to go

Now honey I dun’ carried the coffin

For just a little too long

Now there’s a change in the offin’

So “roll with me baby”

And as the sun rose high

You see we doin’ our own thing

And you know

That you better do right

Or we’re gonna’ getcha’

And on a sunny summer’s day

Ooh, you feel me gettin’ hot again

And these flames do burn

So you better do right

Do Right.

Ey yo somebody come hold me

This thing is gettin’ me down

I told you I could never be lonely

Ya’ can’t control me

Someone’s got to go

I think it’s time they understand

That we are not the ones to be trifled wit’

Somebody go and tell the man

He better roll with me baby

And as the time grows nigh

You see that we be doin’ our own thing

And you know

That you better do right

Or we’re gonna’ getcha’

And on a wailin’ winters night

You’ll hear the howls of mama’s children

And we be kickin’ down doors

So you better do right

Do Right