PSA Warns Ordinary Americans of NSA Surveillance

Amidst yet another NSA scandal that involves the United States government allegedly snooping on something it shouldn’t (this time, phone conversations of German chancellor Angela Merkel) – Fusion’s “Open Source with Leon Krauze” invited documentary filmmaker Brian Knappenberger to the set to discuss NSA surveillance. Knappenberger just released a star-studded PSA for the “Stop Watching Us” coalition that seeks to get ordinary Americans to think about their privacy online.

The brief three-minute “Stop Watching Us” video, that stars the likes of Oliver Stone, Daniel Ellsberg, Maggie Gyllenhaal and John Cusak, urges people to participate in a movement that conveys to Congress that the public will no longer tolerate mass surveillance. However, this isn’t the first film Knappenberger has directed and produced. “We Are Legion,” the documentary that chronicles the illusive hactivist group Anonymous was Knappenberger’s acclaimed debut film. The documentary earned him an award nomination from the Writers Guild of America as well as an expert role on all things regarding the, Anonymous.

Knappenberger sat down with Open Source’s host Leon Krauze just after thousands gathered in our nation’s capital this past Saturday to protest mass surveillance as a part of the “Stop Watching Us” campaign.
The march even included a message from Edward Snowden, the big whistleblower himself, all the way from Russia. Snowden wrote, “we are witnessing an American moment, in which ordinary people – from high schools to high office – stand up to oppose a dangerous trend in government.”

While Knappenberger could not be present for the march in our nation’s capital, he continues to play a crucial role as a filmmaker involved with the “Stop Watching Us” coalition and looks forward to returning to Open Source to talk about the next film he has in the works about internet prodigy Aaron Swartz, entitled “The Internet’s Own Boy.” Stay tuned!

– Annie Rose Ramos