Music The Internet Spits 10/25

Every week, I round up new music I’ve come across via the YouTubes and Soundclouds my social media networks are sharing. The only criteria for this playlist is that the songs compel people to share them. It’s music the internet spits.

What a week…with Fusion’s broadcast launch on Monday, October 28th, all of us here at the office have been working around the clock and sharing some music.

1. Los Master Plus

Our own Fidel Martinez shared this “sabrosindie” gem, perfect for a Friday afternoon. “I saw them live the weekend before I moved to Miami,” the former Austinite wrote on our chatroom, “[…]that show was so much fun, I fell off my bike and broke a fingernail, which to me, is a sign of a good time.”


2 – Mallu Magalhães

Can she be any more pretty? French wave meets bossa nova meets hipster jazz. My Facebook friend Buscabulla is opening for Mallu in Brooklyn’s Cameo Gallery on October 29th. Check them out!

Mallu Magalhães – Velha e Louca from chrishenrique on Vimeo.

3 – M.I.A.

It’s not YOLO, it’s Y.A.L.A.!

4 – The Temper Trap

TV personality and social media mover Pili Montilla has been obsessed with this aussie band since she heard this song in the movie “500 Days of Summer” back in 2009.


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