No! I Must Dance… With Science!

When you think of getting a Ph.D in science, interpretive dance is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, upon reflection, it kind of makes perfect sense.

Consider this: dance requires work, energy, and bodies in motion—all important elements that come into play in many of the sciences. And if you’re a Ph.D candidate, you’re probably tired of explaining your thesis research with thinky talky words, so why not use dance?

It turns out that Gonzo Labs and Science Magazine agree with this latter sentiment. For the past five years, these two organizations have sponsored the “Dance Your Ph.D” scholarship competition.

Students working towards a Ph.D in physics, chemistry, biology, or social sciences get a chance to compete for real cash money by conveying complex scientific concepts through the artistic beauty of dance.

And don’t think for one second this is any place for amateur hour. Check out this video by the 2012 winner, Peter Liddicoat of Sydney Univerisity:

So, if you’re procrastinating on your dissertation because you’re consumed by an uncontrollable urge to shake your moneymaker, you may just be in luck.


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