Do What The Voices Tell You (Eat Pork Chops?)

A study at the University of Bergen in Norway found that about 5 percent of mentally healthy people hear voices. Researchers are hoping this research will help treat schizophrenia by comparing the differences in brain function.

Those who hear voices but are healthy and functioning people have better cognitive control than schizophrenics and are more likely to externalize the voices (whereas schizophrenics think the voices are inside of them).

However, similar to schizophrenics, healthy people who hear voices are less likely to respond to outside noises. In science speaky terms, their primary auditory cortex— responsible for processing sound in the brain— is less likely to be stimulated by outside sounds.

If you’re one of the select few, this probably means you don’t need to listen to other people. After all, the voices always have your best interest in mind. TRUST ME HELTERSKELTER!!!!