Playlist: Music The Internet Spits 10/20

Every week, I round up new music I’ve come across via the YouTubes and Soundclouds my social media networks are sharing. The only criteria for this playlist is that the songs compel people to share them. It’s music the internet spits.

1. Mala Rodriguez

The Andalusian rapper just turned 33 but she is as angsty as ever.

2. Sister Rosetta Tharpe

My Facebook friend Carolina Gonzalez shared a video of Rosetta and she blew me away. Why hadn’t I heard of Rosetta before? She is everything (and influenced the likes of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lewis).

3.Los Super Elegantes

Major personal #throwback. Everyone’s favorite original Latino hipsters released this pop gem 10 years ago. I’m old, thanks.

4. Arctic Monkeys

OK, no one is really sharing this now since it came out in August, but I like to blast it in my car.


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