Elizabeth Warren to Jorge Ramos: Young people are coming around to Hillary Clinton

Sen. Elizabeth Warren thinks young voters are on a journey that is going to eventually lead them to voting for Hillary Clinton.

“I think that millennials have taken a long time to make up their minds. They’ve looked at third party candidates, I respect that,” Warren said during a Tuesday interview on Fusion’s “America with Jorge Ramos.” “But I think as we get down to the close here, millennials look at someone like Donald Trump and they’ll decide they are not going to help a racist bully, which is what Donald Trump is.”

Warren is right in that polls have shown younger voters are increasingly attracted to third party candidates. A New York Times/CBS News poll in September found at least a third of millennial voters were planning to vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. But those numbers are falling sharply, and Warren said that many of the issues that young people care strongly about, such as affordable college, are areas where Clinton has appealing policy proposals.

And of course, there’s always Trump. Warren’s made no secret in the past of her feelings on Donald Trump, nor he for her. She had harsh words for those Republicans who are defending or rallying behind the GOP nominee.

“I really do not understand this, how is it that there are any Republicans left standing with Donald Trump, even before last Friday,” Warren said. “Why have they not completely walled him off and said that is not the Republican party? Unless that is the Republican Party.”

Warren also criticized the Trump’s campaign strategy of responding to the 2005 audio clips of him with allegations from former President Bill Clinton’s past.

“Bill Clinton is not running for president,” Warren said. “The two people who are running for president are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And what Donald Trump does not want to have do is answer for all that he has said.”


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