Watch ‘Shadow Town,’ Fusion’s investigation into one California county’s mounting problems

“I don’t give a fuck… I’m the sheriff.”

“We’re No. 1 in chlamydia.”

“They made a conscious decision to deliver this pollutant-laden water to consumers.”

If you can think of a problem, Kern County, California, probably has it. Its police force is one of the most dangerous in America. Its water supply is disorganized and widely contaminated. Many of its residents — particularly its immigrant farm-working population, many of them undocumented — lack access to adequate health care.

For “Shadow Town,” its latest installment in the Naked Truth documentary series, Fusion’s investigative reporters traveled to Kern County and teamed up with a group of young journalists, from communities just like this, as part of Rise Up Be Heard – a youth media project supported by the California Endowment, a nonprofit dedicated to improving healthcare in the state.

Together, we’re telling stories that too often go untold: the stories of those living in the shadow of the American dream. Some will make you angry. Some will make you misty. All of them are vital. Watch them all in “Shadow Town,” the full documentary, in the YouTube window above.