Seven arrested after breaking through security fence outside Democratic convention

PHILADELPHIA—Seven people were arrested Wednesday night after they broke through a security fence outside the Democratic National Convention, the Secret Service said.

It happened shortly before 11 p.m., about the time President Obama was taking the stage inside the Wells Fargo Center as the headliner for the third night of the convention.

After the arrests, a crowd of dozens of demonstrators that had gathered outside the fence began chanting, “We are nonviolent! We are nonviolent!” One demonstrator told Fusion there had been talk of people “who were coming out to instigate violence, make our demonstration look bad.”

Fusion’s Dan Lieberman was reporting from the scene.

The seven were detained by Philadelphia police and put under arrest by the Secret Service. They were being held at a federal facility in Philadelphia and were to go before a magistrate judge on Thursday, the Secret Service said.