Tamron Hall just destroyed Scott Baio on live television for his sexist tweets

A calendar day after making his speech at the Republican National Convention in which he said that presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump would “fix this” and “make America, America again,” as well as some milquetoast criticism of Hillary Clinton, actor Scott Baio appeared on MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall where the subject turned to the former Charles in Charge star’s eyebrow-raising Twitter feed.

Baio tweeted last week what he posited was “may be the best meme out there”: a photo of Hillary Clinton taken from an angle that makes it appear that the presumptive Democratic nominee for president is standing in front of a banner that says “cunt.”


“I just put it up there…without commentary,” Baio protested when Hall asked him about it on air.

Hall then notes that Baio claimed to have written part of his speech delivered Monday night while attending church services and starts to ask him, “where [his] moral compass” was when he was tweeting that before being cut off. Baio replies:

Tamron, you can look at that any way you want. It’s the word ‘count,’ that’s what she’s standing in front of, I just put it up there. It’s no commentary attached to it, I didn’t call her anything, and the fact that you question my faith by putting up a picture is not nice.

Hall moves along to another instance of Baio behaving badly on social media, referring to a 2010 tweet that made fun of Michelle Obama’s appearance, which he alleged at the time lead to him receiving death threats.


The coup de grace of the short interview comes when Hall asks Baio why he blocked her account on Twitter, with Baio only able to muster that it was probably an “accident…a mistake” before reciting his Brooklyn bona fides and cigar-smoking brand of humor.

The anchor circles back and asks Baio if “this incendiary tweet” is the sort of thing he wants children and his fans to see and associate with him.

“You want me to be sweet and gentle,” he says, “to a man, a president, who says, ‘If they bring a knife to an argument, you bring a gun.’ That’s what President Obama said. Now if you want me to go after a guy like that, all bets are off at that point.”

Hall tells him that she has no memory of that quote, which Baio says he promises to find if she promises to put it on her “social media.”

“I can’t because you blocked me,” Hall replies.