Julian Castro is no longer denying he’s being vetted for VP

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro appeared to hint during a recent interview with Jorge Ramos that he is being vetted by the Clinton campaign as a possible running mate to the presumptive Democratic nominee.

As recently as last month, during the Texas Democratic Convention, Castro, 41, told reporters he was not being vetted and that a nomination was unlikely.

But when Ramos asked him about it during an interview on Friday, the former San Antonio mayor suggested something else.

“I don’t have a comment on that. I’m going to let others guess about that process.”

Over the weekend it was reported that New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has also changed his tune on whether he’s being vetted as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. Like Castro, Booker is no longer denying it—in a May interview Booker told Ramos, “I have no knowledge of any vetting going on at all”—but rather is asking that people now direct those questions to the Clinton campaign.

If elected, Castro would be the first Hispanic ever on a presidential ticket. Ramos asked Castro why Clinton would pick a Latino as her VP when she already seems to have overwhelming support from Latinos.

“Certainly you want someone who has broad appeal—not only to the Latino community, but to all communities in the United States,” Castro replied. “I know that during this campaign, Secretary Clinton has been great about reaching out to everyone in America and talking about the need to spark opportunity for everybody and I believe that the Latino community is a strong part of that.”

Watch the full interview below: