Mark Cuban: Donald Trump is not worth $10bn and will need to host ‘fundraiser after fundraiser’

What do you get for the man who has it all? An invitation to become vice president of the United States, of course.

At least, that now seems to be the top item on tech billionaire Mark Cuban’s wish list.

Cuban has recently declared his desire to join the 2016 race. In an interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos Monday, Cuban said that as an independent, he would be willing to run alongside either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

“I think they’ve both gone to extremes,” he said. “I think I could bring either candidate toward the middle.”

But from Cuban’s standpoint, Trump has run into more obstacles that will be have to cleared for him to become viable to the American electorate. While he did not believe Trump was a racist, he called the real estate mogul’s recent comments about the ethnicity of Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over the Trump University case, “sad.”

“Donald Trump has a real problem with self awareness,” Cuban said.

A more immediate problem, Cuban said, was Trump’s financial situation. Asked whether he believed Trump was really worth $10 billion, Cuban replied flatly that the New York developer wasn’t.

In fact, Cuban continued, it’s likely that Trump has less than $200 million in liquid assets, and that he will likely have to start holding “fundraiser after fundraiser” to keep his campaign afloat.

Cuban also discussed his policy proposal to cap all student loans—he would now cap them at $30,000 per family in the interim. Loans have become to accessible, he said, which has indirectly caused tuitions to inflate.

“When you pull that money out, prices decelerate and drop,” he said.

Watch the full interview here.