‘Coming to America’ is a prom trend fit for a queen

Okay, TEENS ACROSS AMERICA, we get it. You guys are fashionable and creative and much better at prom than probably every other generation before you.

Last week, we brought you a collection of stunning Afrocentric prom dresses. Yesterday, we brought you a collection of gorgeous hijab prom dresses. Today, we’re bringing you another glorious, off-the-beaten-path prom trend: Coming to America. Yes, as in the 1988 Eddie Murphy movie that taught me how to properly weaponize a mop and also that there’s a chance that literally anyone could be Eddie Murphy in disguise. Although these teens weren’t even born when this classic comedy came out, they’re nevertheless rocking incredible, unique looks based on its African-inspired fashion from the fictional nation of Zamunda.

Imani Izzi (Vanessa Bell Calloway) and Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) in 'Coming to America.'Paramount Pictures

Imani Izzi (Vanessa Bell Calloway) and Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) in 'Coming to America.'

High school senior Jawana Young showed up to prom in the sheer gold dress donned by Imani Izzi (Vanessa Bell Calloway), Prince Akeem’s (Murphy) would-be bride.

comingAndre Isom Sr.

Her prom date was dressed as Prince Akeem. A friend dressed as Oha, Akeem’s servant, and even sang the ditty “She’s Your Queen,” as Oha does in the movie.


It turns out they’re not the only teens who brought their love for late-’80s Eddie Murphy to prom this year. Jimelle Levon, a 17-year-old designer in Columbus, Ohio, recreated the famous dress for his own prom date.

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A handful of other high schoolers around the country have also followed in Imani Izzi’s regal footsteps.



She Didn't Come To Play w/ You Hoes! #Prom2K16 #ComingToAmerica Designed By Me

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