Screw taxation without representation, what’s up with these weed laws?


It’s legal to grow it — six plants max, no more than three of which are mature. It’s legal to carry it — a whopping two ounces! — but it’s illegal to smoke it outside your house. And watch which side of the street you’re on when you’re holding, because 30 percent of the city is off-limits to legal pot.

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Fusion Chief Cannabis Correspondent Ryan Nerz traveled to Washington, D.C., to examine the tangle of rules, regulations, laws and liabilities involved in getting pot in our nation’s capital. The result is “District of Cannabis,” the latest hourlong documentary in Fusion’s The Naked Truth series.

From veterans shut out of legal medicinal marijuana by the VA’s schizophrenic rules to weed-trepeneurs hauled into court for bartering brownies, Ryan examines a city held captive by the federal government, despite residents overwhelmingly voting to make recreational marijuana legal. From Kush God to kosher growers, from pols to the pot lobby, The Naked Truth gets the lowdown on getting weed in America’s big giant brain.