Why Cory Booker thinks Bernie Sanders shouldn’t drop out of the race just yet

Cory Booker announced his support for Hillary Clinton for 2016 Democratic nominee nearly a year ago. But in an interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, the New Jersey Senator said that despite Clinton’s lead in both states and overall votes, Bernie Sanders shouldn’t drop out of the Democratic primary race just yet.

“Let’s go through the process, and let Bernie make his own decisions,” Booker said. The primary, he said, has been a rich, constructive process. And at the end of the day, he predicted, both candidates would come together to support the eventual nominee.

In recent weeks, Sanders supporters have accused Democratic party officials of rigging primaries in favor of Clinton. Some pundits have even suggested that the party is descending into “civil war.” But Booker denied that was the case.

The senator has been mentioned as a possible vice president in a Clinton administration. But he told Ramos he had no knowledge of whether he has been vetted.

Finally, Booker told Ramos that even from a “nonpartisan” respective, a Donald Trump presidency would be disastrous for America.

“I’m confident that as more Americans find out about what Donald Trump’s views are, about what his vision for America is, it’s counter to who we are as a people,” Booker said. “And that ranges from us being a nation of immigrants, which has made us stronger and more powerful, to even his economic agenda, which frankly…the numbers just don’t add up. As this selection really gets going, I’m confident [Democrats] will have a winning candidate.”

Watch the full interview here.