Possible Clinton running mate tells Jorge Ramos why he wants Trump to keep talking

Many people want Donald Trump to shut up—or at least tone down his anti-immigrant rhetoric. Rep. Xavier Becerra, however, wants the presumptive GOP presidential nominee to keep running his mouth.

“We need to hear this,” the California Democrat told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos on Thursday. “We don’t want to have this only whispered by people. We need to hear that many people in America are saying these things and Donald Trump is the voice for so many of these folks. It is good to have this out in the open because if this does not cause us as Latinos, as families of immigrants, to come out and vote and be supportive of those who are with us, then I can’t tell if we’re going to have success on immigration reform.”

As the highest-ranking Latino legislator in the party and the No. 4 Democrat in the House, Becerra is rumored to be a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton, the leader in the Democratic presidential race. When Ramos asked him whether he’s been vetted, Becerra said, “If I have, I haven’t been told.”

More than 27 million Latinos will be eligible to vote in November, a record, according to the Pew Research Center; nearly half will be 35 or under. As Fusion previously reported, thousands of legal residents are hurrying to naturalize before November, so they can vote against Trump. Organizers in Las Vegas even set up a citizenship fair in April to help legal residents naturalize.