An exclusive look at ISIS’ recruitment questionaires

Yesterday, a German news agency revealed that it had acquired a cache of terrorist organization ISIS’s documents, including questionnaires created by the organization. Fusion Comedy, too, has managed to obtain these questionnaires given to recruits, and we can’t help but express surprise at the banal side of terror as revealed in these documents.

The very first thing you notice is how systematic ISIS is. This questionnaire could have originated in any HR office at any company that conducts terror as part of its everyday business.


Some questions are designed to obtain more interest about the physical health of applicants while others are designed to learn more about the mental health of those applicants.


Some questions are designed to gauge the intelligence of applicants.


Some of the questions are functional, designed to help expand the recruiters’ contact lists.


Of course, even the most familiar questions receive a distinctly ISIS spin.


This all leads us to wonder whether there is anyone who has suffered more at the hands of ISIS than the poor guys in the office who have to file all this paperwork.