“2 Retards” made the first Peyton Manning sex scandal joke… a year ago

As Shaun King resurfaces the story Peyton Manning’s sexual assault and subsequent cover-up, it should be pointed out that a couple of brave satirists dared tackle the untouchable quarterback’s past in a bit on YouTube a whole year ago. Yes, those courageous comedians who call themselves “2 Retards Arguing About Sports” not only had the temerity to bring up the topic, but they also managed to eke out a punchline:

“It was a different day without social media…”

“… Yep, and women’s rights.”

Classic 2 Retards interplay. Fewer than 200 people have viewed this video, so they’re not quite the Hannibal Burress of this story, but they deserve congratulations anyway for their fearless commentary on the hushed-up scandal of one of sports’ most beatified figures. We’re just thankful the Manning cover-up machine never found a way to silence them.


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