Deadpool publicity removed after superhero insults government of Mexico City

Deadpool brought some of his sarcasm and wit to Mexico City, and city officials aren’t feeling it.

Hoping to promote the upcoming movie of the Marvel Comics character, the film’s distributors in Mexico decided they’d launch an ad campaign playing off the fact that Mexico City officials hang “Suspension” or “Suspended” signs on the city’s ubiquitous billboards when advertisers fail to keep up on their payments.

The Deadpool ad mocked the suspended signs with an image of him exclaiming “Suspension mis huevos!” or “Suspension my balls!”

Chalk it up as the latest off-the-wall promotion of the movie about the foul-mouthed, mentally unstable anti-hero. This week, Deadpool was also featured in a part-PSA, part advertisement campaign encouraging men to get themselves checked for testicular cancer. However, Mexico City officials clearly have little patience for Deadpool’s dark and twisted sense of humor. The city has reportedly started removing the Deadpool billboards.

It remains to be seen what those same officials think about a second ad campaign in Mexico that is also plugging the movie. In Mexico City movie theaters, Deadpool cardboard cutouts can be seen with the superhero holding a sign that reads puto el que lo lea, which roughly translates to “whoever reads this is a faggot” — note that puto is not necesarilly a homophobic slur when said in certain contexts. 

According to Mexican daily El Universal, the film’s distributors are planning on replacing the Mexico City billboards with what was described as “friendlier publicity.”

The movie, and its brand of humor, is also having issues in other countries. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chinese authorities have suspended the release of the film citing “violence, nudity and graphic language.”