The Digilantes Try to Find Out Who Is Behind

There are a lot of people online that want to rip you off. But The Digilantes are here to help. Investigative duo Natasha Del Toro and Dan Lieberman go on a hunt for cyber scammers. Our first case looks into the mugshot industry, websites that post mugshots and then charge hundreds, even thousands of dollars to take them down, whether you are guilty or not. The biggest of them all is Some call it extortion, but no one can find who is behind the site. So we decided to find them ourselves.

This is a new kind of interactive investigation that lets you dive deeper into the parts of the story that interest you most. Throughout the documentary, you’ll have the chance to click to find out more. We need your help with our investigation, too. Tell us what you know about the people behind these kinds of websites. Correspondent Natasha Del Toro goes inside the multi-million-dollar scam preying on tens of millions of Americans and in the process she discovers that it’s not just shady websites cashing in on public records.


Producer & Reporter: Natasha Del Toro

Correspondents: Natasha Del Toro & Dan Lieberman

Field Producer: Roderick Avila

Editors: Roderick Avila & Darwin Philips

Camera: Roderick Avila, Michael Landsberg, Doug Forte, Lauren Santa Cruz & Olman Hernandez

Creative Director: Adrian Saravia

Graphics: Kent Hernandez

Animation: Pedro Alvarez

Interactive development: Rachel Schallom

Executive Producer: Keith Summa